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Center For Redirection

Redirecting Spirit, Mind, and Body for a 

Better life 

Providing a haven betweeen hurt and healing

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New book from Dr. Layne, now published. 

Born To Win, Bound To Excel: 9 Keys To Unlocking Your Dream Factor

This wise counsel (Proverbs 19:20) unpacks dreams, how to approach them, and align them with what God created you to accomplish. In these few short pages, you will get the “big picture” of dreams and step-by-step sequences to live the life you’ve only dreamed. Your dreams are awaiting your goals and actions. Now, there is a definitive guide to achieving them  Dr. Mark Eutsler, St. Paul Christian University

Just released and now available for purchase through Amazon.

Born To Win, Bound To Excel: 9 Keys to unlocking your Dream Factor: Layne, Dr. Michael K., Schuller, Dr. Robert Anthony: 9798464513648: Books​ 


In view of the Pandemic, we are experiencing high levels of stress.  

We want to help you with information, therapy  and a safe haven where you can learn about stress and how to deal with it.


It can be terrifying when you feel like you are at the end of your proverbial rope. You lose hope. You can’t get anything done. And sadly, simple joys no longer seem that simple or joyful. 


Stress left untreated often will lead to depression.  Let's find a Soulution to the Problem.  

Through various ways of coping we discover the path to freedom from depression.


We have come to understandf the need to reach out and serve in ways we have never done before.

We can meet with you On-line, video telephne or, in some cases, in person..

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Dr. Michael Layne, 

Director and counselor

Dr. Layne holds Post-Graduate degrees in Counseling and Theology. He is a Certifed Redirection Therapist. Successfully completed an Intensive Residency for Clergy at St. Vincent Stress Center, Indianapolis. Layne attends several Continuing Ed events annually.

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